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Product Information


LIVING 2B Check 3 Worksheet

LIVING 2B Goal Tracker Sheet

Product FAQ

Product Instructions Basic

7-Day Transformation Program

7 Day Transformation Meal Plan

7 Day Transformation Shopping List

Before & After Picture Instructions & Guidelines

Affiliate Sales Tools

LIVING 2B - Compensation Plan

LIVING 2B PowerPoint Presentation

(PDF) LIVING 2B PowerPoint Presentation

LIVING 2B - Enrollment Packages

LIVING 2B - Opportunity Meeting Flyer - People

LIVING 2B - Opportunity Meeting Flyer - Waist

LIVING 2B Order Form

Customer Contact Cards

Facebook Posts



Affiliate Training

LIVING 2B Affiliate Kit

The 5 Reasons People Fail in Network Marketing

Affiliate Advanced Leadership Training

Leadership Training - The Foundation Maker / Gold Rush Program

Leadership 20/20 Vision Worksheet

90 Day Gold Rush Commitment Contract

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