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Transformation that LASTS!

The LIVING 2B FITT Program Introduction

by Calvenn Starre

NOTE: $299 or $129/mo for 3 Months; OR Receive the LIVING 2B FITT Program for Free when you enroll with Üforia and order your DNA Personalized Supplement Kit. Go to for Customers only, or Promote your own DNA Supplement Business by going to

Are you ready to get started with your transformation?

Welcome to LIVING 2B FITT!


About 3.5 years ago I was in the best shape of my life. That was the umpteenth time I had gained weight and lost it and gained it and lost it! I’ve done EVERYTHING to get fit. Starvation/deprivation diets, speedy diet pills, magic drink sticks, meal replacement shakes, shots from the doctor… you name it and I’ve probably tried it.

Three and a half years ago I started to gain weight. It was a few pounds here and a few pounds there. It added up to a total of 40 lbs up! So I did what I knew to do… I hit the gym hard and started cutting out certain foods and taking this supplement and that. I even secretly bought some of the old products I had sold in the past and had success with. But the weight just wasn’t coming off.

I was completely stressed out! I was in a work environment where I was not celebrated by the top person who ran it like a dictatorship. I had struggles in my personal life as well. I was sick, tired, sad and overwhelmed and I had to hide it because of my position! So I started going to doctors. I went to regular Drs. and functional Drs. and acupuncturists and as my kids call it, witch Drs. I spent almost $30,000.00 trying to find out what was wrong with me. None of it worked. Oh, maybe what they had me do worked for a minute, but ultimately I’d gain it back quickly.

Then LIVING 2B FITT came along. This 90-day program went against EVERYTHING I know about weight loss and getting fit. They said I don’t need workouts! WHAT?!?!? They said I don’t need products!!!! I’m sorry, WHAT?!?!?! They said to watch these videos and do what they say. So I did!

These pictures are from Day 1 and Day 64. The Day 1 photo is me up 40lbs from my most healthy, lean, fit body from 3.5 years ago. That bod has been through hell…TWICE!!!! That’s the adventurous skeptic that thought what the hell, let’s give this TOTALLY DIFFERENT from what I’m used to video thing a go. Day 64 me is the results from going ALL IN! I’ve followed the program almost to a T. (I slipped up once when I was traveling because I was not prepared.) Oh, and I started working out 2 nights a week a couple of weeks ago to keep my mind sane. I have not taken any supplements as of yet because I wanted to see what this would do without anything. So far I’m down 22lbs and a ton of inches but I haven’t measured. However, I’m wearing some of my skinny closet clothes now and I’m not done yet!!!!

I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE DAY 90!!!! The super cool thing about this program is now I see WHY I was fat!!!! The knowledge I’ve gained is priceless!!!! I wish I would have had this program before I blew $30K on Drs!!!!!!

We have groups starting every Monday! I think EVERYONE should do this “Get Good At Life Program!!!” even if you don’t want to lose weight!!!! It’s so much more!

Erin G

What is LIVING 2B FITT? 

It is the 90-Day Total Lifestyle Transformation Experience that helps you with understanding and reframing your relationship with food so that you can get the results you have been searching for in your body, health, and life. Guaranteed!

LIVING 2B FITT is a transformative health program that teaches you how to permanently change how you think about food, what you eat and why you eat it. 

Who would benefit from LIVING 2B FITT? 

Everyone! Anyone who wants to release weight, athletes that want to achieve higher peak performance or anyone that wants to live a longer, more exciting and passionate life full of vitality and energy. 

How does LIVING 2B FITT work? 

The LIVING 2B FITT Program will teach you how to retrain your brain to stop wanting foods that are not the right choices for you. Once you do this, you will start to crave the foods that will naturally give your body what it needs to optimize your performance.

What will you learn? 

-> The Personal Psychology of Your Food and the choices that you make daily that cause you to struggle with releasing the weight and/or having the energy to get through your day. 

-> Understanding the different pangs of hunger so that you can understand what your body is trying to tell you that it needs. 

-> Understanding the full spectrum of the body and how it cycles throughout the year.

-> How to get your body into a fat burning state with specific food choices.

-> How to overcome the struggle of food choices and stay in control.

How will you learn? 

-> 30+ training videos
-> 13 Live Group Coaching Sessions – Zoom Calls that will be recorded for your schedule
-> Private Support Groups on Facebook
-> Lifetime access to the complete LIVING 2B FITT Video Program

What is the Refund Policy? 

We believe in the LIVING 2B FITT Program so much that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you complete at least 80% of the program and decide that you are not happy with your results or your experience, we will offer you a full refund. 

What if I am Vegan? Vegetarian? Paleo? Keto? 

Everyone is able to participate in the LIVING 2B FITT program because you do not need to consume animal products in order to achieve results. 


NOTE: $299 or $129/mo for 3 Months; OR Receive the LIVING 2B FITT Program for Free when you enroll with Üforia and order your DNA Personalized Supplement Kit. Go to for Customers only, or Promote your own DNA Supplement Business by going to

Are you ready to get started with your transformation?

Welcome to LIVING 2B FITT!

My 10-year-old daughter struggled with her weight when she picked up a parasite while visiting Mexico with her Dad, and she gained almost 30 pounds, from a size 8/10 to 14/16 in a matter of 2 months. She has lost 25 pounds using the principles that are taught in the LIVING 2B FITT program. 

Crystena Starre


Hi! My name is Calvenn Starre and I am the Founder and CEO of LIVING 2B, and I am so excited about our program LIVING 2B FITT. This one is dear to me because of my own personal transformation. So, Whether you have struggled with your weight your whole life, or it has become an issue as you got older, this program is going to be for you. In my personal journey, as I got older, I started to struggle with my weight and love handles, or what a lot of people call muffin top, have you heard of it? Now, I just gave up and wrote it off as my 30s at first, and then it became my 40s. But hey I really tried before I gave up, I mean, I tried new diets, old diets, magic pills, and exercise but I just couldn’t get off the weight. Thankfully, I discovered the secret that only a few share with others – the real secret where you get to keep your power and not give it up to those diets and gimmicks. And It changed everything for me, and a year and a half later, I have kept off those extra 40 pounds, and I feel better each and every day. So, I can finally say that I am in the best shape of my life, and we want to give you the opportunity to be too. 
The LIVING 2B FITT program is our 90-Day Total Lifestyle Transformation Experience for everyone. In 90-Days you will learn everything that you need to help you start making the best decisions for your body and health. Guaranteed! 
Listen, There is a reason why most people have not been able to achieve long-term results in their health with the latest fad diet or magical pill. And it’s because those things do not address the root issue, which is… “Why we make the decisions that we do!” When you don’t understand why you are making bad decisions, you give up your power to those diets and magical pills only to be let down. With the LIVING 2B FITT program, we are going to teach you how to reclaim your power and take control once and for all. 
Now, you may doubt this, you may doubt me, doubt the program or you may even doubt yourself at this stage for trying so many different things, so let me help you out by taking away your doubt BY offering you a 100% money back guarantee. That’s right, enroll in LIVING 2B FITT and after you complete 80% of the program, if you are not completely satisfied, then we will refund you your money. So not only are you going to get the program at a discount for $299, but you are also going to be guaranteed your results. In fact, All of our products and programs come with the guarantee because that’s how much we believe in them, and how much we believe in you. 
What can you expect from the LIVING 2B FITT 90 Day Program? 
  • Finally, achieve your optimal body weight without diets or exercise
  • Learn why you make the wrong choices and self-sabotage your health every time you start to make progress
  • Learn and experience what fills your body with the right nutrition to give you an unlimited energy supply
  • Learn how to and what foods will optimize your metabolism
  • Learn how to and what will enhance your mental performance so that you can think clearer, be more productive 
  • Learn how to enjoy delicious meals and break free from your unhealthy cravings. 
  • Learn how to sleep better at night with the right nutrition and bio-hacks
  • Increase your vitality and libido by looking and feeling your absolute best
So, Whether you need to lose weight, tone up, live a healthier life or just need to increase your energy to get through your day, LIVING 2B FITT is going to put you in control of your health, body and most importantly your choices. So start making the right choices now and Join us today, and then you will live the FITT life by Finding Inspiration Through Transformation. Guaranteed!


NOTE: $299 or $129/mo for 3 Months; OR Receive the LIVING 2B FITT Program for Free when you enroll with Üforia and order your DNA Personalized Supplement Kit. Go to for Customers only, or Promote your own DNA Supplement Business by going to

Are you ready to get started with your transformation?

Welcome to LIVING 2B FITT!