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The LIVING 2B 7 Day Transformation has been created for you to achieve the results that you want in your body. We have a simple 7 Day Meal Plan (with accompanying Shopping List) to maximize your efforts in the process.


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Inspired to be the BEST version of me!

As a new mom to my third daughter, I was more than excited to start this journey. Nothing screams exhaustion like starting all over being a mommy! I have a 17-year-old and 10-year-old and now a new addition. The two new products: Unleashed and Inspired couldn’t have come at a better time!

Before I got my hands on these products I found myself laying back down after getting my two older kids off to school until my baby woke. Not anymore! Now my day gets started with a workout.

My mood and energy are off the charts. And I find I sleep so much better at night. Not only have I lost over 10 pounds in a little over a month, but my unwanted inches are coming off quickly. No more putting everyone before my health and wellness but now I am Living2b the best I can be… not only for myself but for my family!

This is only the beginning of this amazing journey and I can’t wait to help others reach their goals and become the best they can be! I love this company and ALL that it stands for, not to mention the amazing products they offer!

I am LIVING 2B unstoppable!

Crystal DuBose

Young and Inspired

Young and overweight, I knew I needed some help to get my body back in shape.

When I was introduced to LIVING 2B, I was really looking to lose weight, but their Products did so much more. They filled up the nutritional gaps I had created over the years.

I lost a lot of weight in just 7 weeks, but I was surprised by how much energy I had and how much better I felt. From suppressing my appetite and burning away stubborn fat to helping with my depressive and overall mood, I just can’t say enough about it all. And, the best part is it’s all natural.

Alexis Bee

The 7 Day Transformation Meal Plan

If weight loss is your goal, then the Meal Plan was designed specifically for you. The Meal Plan will help you and your body release the weight and maintain a balanced metabolism.

7 Day Meal Plan:

7 Day Meal Plan Shopping List:

Let’s Hear from More Customers:

Putting Me First—20 Pounds Down So Far

As a wife, mother, grandma, oldest child, friend and greeter at a local rehab center, I’ve always put others I love first for many years, but now it’s time for me!

Since starting LIVING 2B’s amazing INSPIRED and UNLEASHED products a month ago, I’ve shed a stubborn 20 pounds and my mood and energy levels are off the charts! I’m happier, more productive, and as an added bonus, I’m sleeping better!

This is just the beginning of my journey to be a healthier me!

All, I can say is I love this company and the supportive community it’s creating. I’m LIVING 2B my best self, and I never been this inspired to share my transformation with others.

Janelle Niemi

Excited and Focused!

Today marks 2 months since I started this new journey with LIVING 2B, and using INSPIRED and UNLEASHED! As of this morning, I am down 26lbs and 22.5 inches!

Plus I have lots of energy, my mood has improved drastically, I’m able to stay focused.

I am so glad to be on this amazing life-changing journey!

Amy Calvert

Make Sure That You Track Your Results

If not to share with the world, then you must track the progress for yourself. We see ourselves in the mirror every day and our results may not show up as easily as losing a few pounds. Sometimes, the results are in inches lost. The purpose of tracking results is to identify where you are getting results when you are on the journey with LIVING 2B’s 7 Day Transformation.

It will also add to the excitement to continue with your success! 

We have made it simple for you, please download and follow the instructions: 

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We wish the best in your result for Personal Transformation! 

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